Thanksvember, Day 27

Today I am thankful for photography. I have loved photography for as long as I can remember. When I was a child I loved to look at photos with my Grandpa and I was always asking to use his cameras. I love to capture moments in time so I can look back on memories. Thank you to all who have made photography possible.

The Loom

I recently had the opportunity to go to the abandoned Scranton Lace Factory and attend a photography workshop through Abandoned America. This was an amazing experience. I know I only saw a fraction of what there was to see and I hope I get the chance to return. Here are my first set of photos from there. This is the loom that is still set up.

HDR Photography

Recently, I attended a photography workshop with Abandoned America. The workshop was at the abandoned Catskill Game Farm in New York. It was so much fun to walk the grounds of a beloved place from my childhood and I got to learn some new skills. Photographer Matthew Christopher gave me some tips on HDR photography and I love my new found skill. Here are some of my HDR photos. Stay tuned for more photos from this workshop.

Photographer Spotlight

Last week I shared photos that I took of Matilda and her friends on Halloween and mentioned that Amanda and Megan had also taken some photos. These are some of my favorite photos that these two young photographers took that day. Their younger sister Mary was the primary model for their photos. Amanda and Megan did a great job setting up some beautiful shots and really captured Mary’s spunky personality.

Thanksvember, Day 2

Today I am thankful for photography. I love to take photos for many reasons. I love the creative outlet. I love preserving memories. I just love having a camera in my hand. Photography is a love of mine and I enjoy sharing it with others. Thank you to Amanda for taking these wonderful photos of me behind the camera.

Photographer Spotlight

The kids and I have had extra time this week so I have been trying to take advantage of it. Matilda’s friend (well, mine too, I like to think) Amanda shares my love and passion for photography so I invited her to go to Nay Aug Park to take photos together. Amanda used my backup camera and Matilda stepped in front of the camera as a model. Amanda took over 500 photos that afternoon and the results were amazing. Yes, there were many blurry photos and some just didn’t come out as she expected, but Amanda took some really great photos. Here are just a handful of them. These are straight from the camera and have not been edited at all. I especially love the ones that Amanda captured of me using my camera. Once she does some editing I will share some of her favorites in another post. This young photographer is a natural and I look forward to seeing more from her.

Drawing with Sparklers

Last night we tried drawing with sparklers. It definitely has a learning curve, but I think we did well. At first, the girls had trouble with writing, but once they figured it out they produced an lol and an HP (okay, the HP was supposed to be HI, but it is cool anyway). They did master infinity signs and did pretty well with hearts and stars too. I drew a flower (I am going to pretend that was my intention) while Amanda took a turn at the camera. As far as the photography goes, it would have been better had it been darker. I fixed that problem with editing. I want to try this again on a darker night and plan out our drawings ahead of time. With a little practice, I think we can do some amazing things.