The Little Mermaid

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing one of my favorite stories brought to life on the stage. The Act Out Theatre Group’s performance of ‘The Little Mermaid’ was fabulous. The cast is a talented group of teenagers who put on a professional looking show. Their hard work and dedication is evidenced by their flawless performances. The costumes are gorgeous and the sets are amazing. This show is a must see for anyone who loves ‘The Little Mermaid’ or is looking for a great night of entertainment. There is a show today at 3 p.m. and 4 more shows next weekend (Thursday 2/4 at 7, Friday 2/5 and Saturday 2/6 at 7:30, and Sunday 2/7 at 3). Tickets are available at the door. Don’t miss out on this great show.

365 Day Challenge

Here are my photos from the last week. Francie was caught being lazy a couple of times and I enjoyed seeing Aladdin Jr. at the Act Out Theater. All in all, it was a good week.

Aladdin Jr. at Act Out Theatre

Last night Aladdin Jr. opened at the Act Out Theatre in Taylor and it was fabulous. The sets and costumes were beautiful and the young performers were at the top of their game. This cast put on a great show. If you are looking for entertainment tonight or tomorrow, this is the show to see. The other cast performs tonight at 7 and tomorrow at 6. Last night’s cast will be performing again tomorrow at 2. Don’t miss it!

Thanksvember, Day 14

Today, on the day I am going to see ‘Matilda’ on Broadway, I am thankful for musical theater. I love musicals. I am so glad my daughter is involved in musical theater and gets so much enjoyment from it. Thank you to all the hardworking individuals who create musicals for the rest of us to enjoy.

Act Out Summer Revue- Starfish Cast

Last night the younger group of singers, aged 6-14, performed at the Act Out Theatre in Taylor, PA. These talented young people put on an excellent show. There is one more performance this afternoon at 2 o’clock if you are looking for great entertainment.

Act Out Summer Revue- Flip Flop Cast

Last night, Matilda and I had the pleasure of seeing the Act Out Summer Revue Flip Flop cast perform. This revue is put on by the Act Out Theatre Group in Taylor, PA. The cast is made up of young performers aged 14-18. These kids put on an amazing show! They are a very talented group with incredible energy. I do not want to say too much about the show itself, but rest assured it is fabulous. There will be one more performance by this cast tomorrow, July 12th, at 6 P.M. It is worth coming out to see. Tonight the Act Out Summer Revue Starfish cast (kids aged 6-14) will be performing at 7:30.

‘Annie Jr.’ at the Act Out Theatre

Last night ‘Annie Jr.’ opened at the Act Out Theatre in Taylor, PA. This show is performed by a talented group of young people aged 6-14 years. The show was fabulous. Every performer, whether in a lead or supporting role, gave an incredible performance. If you are looking for something to do this weekend, this show is worth the $13 admission. ‘Annie Jr’ will be showing tonight at 7 p.m. and tomorrow at 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. at the Act Out Theatre in Taylor. There is also a Christmas in June Auction at each performance as well as mouth watering sugar cookies at the concessions stand. Don’t miss out on seeing these talented young people perform a great show.

Les Miserables at the Act Out Theatre

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing yet another phenomenal show put on by the Act Out Theatre Group. Les Miserables, the school edition, was presented by a group of students, aged 12-18, under the direction of Candice Rowe and Karl Barbee. These young actors and actresses are so talented and their love of acting really shines through in their performances. If you haven’t seen it yet, there is one more chance. Their final show is at 3 o’clock today and is well worth the $15 price of admission.