365 Day Challenge

Here are my photos from the last 8 days. I did it! Well, mostly. I took at least one photo on 364 of 365 days. I missed September 11th for whatever reason. This was a fun challenge and it did get me using my camera a lot. Now it is 2016 and time for a new challenge. Stay tuned….

The Doctor Who Premiere

Way back in the Winter, when the Doctor Who season premiere date was announced, the girl and her friends decided they would watch the premiere together. This season premiere was especially exciting because of the new Doctor so we had to do it up big. The girls perused the Doctor Who cookbook and picked out some recipes to make, we obtained a 6 foot cardboard T.A.R.D.I.S., and t-shirts and other Doctor Who merchandise were present. The girls made a ‘Praise Him’ cheeseball, Cybermen, Daleks, an Ood and fish sticks & custard to tie in with the show. There was also blue popcorn, jelly beans, jammy dodgers, brownies, chips, and punch to snack on. When 8 o’clock rolled around, everyone gathered around the telly with their snacks in anticipation and watched the show. It is always bittersweet when the Doctor regenerates. It is sad to see a beloved Doctor go, but exciting to see what the new Doctor will bring. Peter Capaldi’s (IMDB) introduction as the 12th Doctor was wonderfully done and we look forward to getting to know him. All in all, we had a fabulous time for the Doctor Who premiere.