Throwback Thursday

This week takes us back to the Blizzard of 1993. These photos were taken in Hurley, NY after the Blizzard was all said and done. I was home from Boston for my Spring break and this is what I got. I went to work at Ferncliff Nursing Home on Friday and was not able to get back home until Sunday afternoon. The only great benefit of being stuck at work for 3 days was that the maintenance crew at work dug out our cars and my driveway was shoveled before I got home.

The Aftermath

Today we got a couple more inches of snow. Everytime we scraped the sidewalk, more snow fell. We got a lot of snow cleared today. About 2/3 of our driveway and half of the alley are clear thanks to Jim and some amazing neighbors. Matilda and her friends enjoyed some sledding and played in the yard with Francie.