Happy 105th Birthday Girl Scouts!

Today is the 105th Birthday of Girl Scouts. My mother was a Girl Scout, I am a Girl Scout and my daughter is a Girl Scout. Scouting runs in the family. Girl Scouting gives girls many great opportunities from camping to cookie selling to community service. It provides a lifetime of memories and teaches girls to be leaders. Happy Birthday Girl Scouts!

Throwback Thursday

Today is the day the Girl Scout cookies arrive and, for the first time in years, the cookies are not coming to my garage. Here are some photos from cookie time 2012. That year, Judy and Matilda worked hard unloading and sorting cookies with me. My all time favorite photo of girl scout cookie time is the 2012 photo of Ryan Leckey getting cookies from our troop. This was also the year that our troop sold enough cookies to win tickets to Camel Beach Water Park. This year, our troop’s goal is to sell enough cookies for a trip to Niagara Falls.

Throwback Thursday

This week’s Throwback Thursday takes us back to November 2009. Matilda and her friends had their Brownie Investiture Ceremony and were so proud. Matilda, Megan and Amanda are now Senior Scouts. Next week they will help invest a new set of Brownies which will include, Amanda and Megan’s sister Mary (pictured here as a toddler). They grow up so fast.

Throwback Thursday

This week takes us back to 2011. This was the very first, and my favorite, girl scout camping weekend that we did. It was the most traditional and organized camping weekend we attended. Amy and I took 6 girls with us that year. The girls learned to tie knots, build and start a fire, cook outdoors, kayak, canoe, and keep a campsite clean. They also learned camp songs, did team building exercises, performed a flag ceremony, and played fun games. This weekend might be the last girl scout camping trip for me and Matilda. This year, another leader and I will be taking 6 girls camping and 3 of those girls were on that first trip. I am looking forward to a fun weekend.

Fun with Kayaks and Paddle Boards

This past weekend we went to Troop Adventure Camp at Camp Archbald with the Girl Scouts. A lot of the girls were looking forward to getting out on Lake Ely to do some kayaking. One of our girls even tried paddle boarding. Here are some of my favorite photos.

Happy Birthday Girl Scouts!

Today is the 103rd birthday of Girl Scouts. Girl Scouts have been a part of my life since I was 7 years old. Even when I was not active in scouting, I was an avid Girl Scout cookie supporter. Now I am a leader and get to share my love of Girl Scouts with a great group of girls. Happy Birthday Girl Scouts!

Thanksvember, Day 23

Today I am thankful for Girl Scouts. We are a family of Girl Scouts and Girl Scout leaders. My mother was a Girl Scout, I was a Girl Scout and now my daughter is a Girl Scout. My grandmother was my mother’s Brownie leader, my mother was my Brownie leader and now I am my daughter’s Girl Scout leader. Being a Girl Scout teaches girls so much from running a business (they do have a great cookie racket going) to building a campfire. Girl Scouts learn many skills by working on badges and awards, selling cookies and helping out in their communities. I am so happy that this organization exists and that my daughter and I are members. Thank you to Juliette Low for being the founder Girl Scouts.

A Night at Spirited Art

We recently went to Spirited Art to have a painting party with Girl Scouts. This was the first time I had been there and it was a great experience. The idea behind Spirited Art is to create art with a group. Everyone creates the same painting with the help of an instructor. There are theme nights scheduled that individuals can sign up for or one can book a party. My daughter’s Girl Scout troop had a party. The troop provided pizza, chips, drinks and dessert. Spirited Art provided the fun. The girls’ painting choice was a painting using their initials so that everyone had a unique masterpiece. The instructor was wonderful. She provided clear instructions and was always available to help. The instructor also paints along with the class so the class can see exactly how to do it. All in all, everyone who came loved the Spirited Art experience.