Photographer Spotlight

Last week I shared photos that I took of Matilda and her friends on Halloween and mentioned that Amanda and Megan had also taken some photos. These are some of my favorite photos that these two young photographers took that day. Their younger sister Mary was the primary model for their photos. Amanda and Megan did a great job setting up some beautiful shots and really captured Mary’s spunky personality.

Halloween 2015

Yesterday, I took Matilda and some friends to the park to take photos of them in their awesome Halloween costumes. I should note that all 3 of the older girls put their costumes together at the last minute. At least 2 of them ended up being something completely different than they originally planned. We ended up with a lumberjack, a unicorn, Lucy and a fairy princess cat. I love their creativity. The girls also took some photos and I will post them soon.

Throwback Thursday

This week’s Throwback Thursday takes us back to Halloween 2002. This was Matilda’s very first Halloween. She dressed as Winnie the Pooh in a flower costume. Matilda’s wonderful Aunt Laurie bought this costume way back in January of 2002, shortly after we knew we were having a girl. It was a bargain that Laurie could not pass up. Matilda looked adorable in it (of course!) and posed for a couple of pictures. She then was loaded into the stroller to go trick or treating with her brother and his friend.