Throwback Thursday

Happy Thanksgiving! This week’s Throwback Thursday is a look back at our Thanksgiving through the years. I love Thanksgiving and these are just a few of my many fond memories.

Throwback Thursday

This week takes us back to Thanksgiving 2006. It was our first Thanksgiving as homeowners and also our first Thanksgiving living a bit closer to family. We decided to journey to Tonawanda, NY to see the great grandparents for the holiday. It also happened to be Great Grandma and Grandpa’s 60th wedding anniversary that weekend. I remember marveling at how in love they still were as I took the photo of them together. That year was a great Thanksgiving.

The Pizza Tree, Day 3

The very first thing I did when I woke up this morning was check the pizza tree. I looked out and saw that most of the pizza was on the ground so I put on my shoes and grabbed my camera. I quietly went out on the lawn to snap some photos of the tree and noticed that 3 squirrels were there! I was very still and quiet and was able to get some really good shots of them enjoying the pizza. I crept forward slowly and ended up about 10 feet from the tree. After the squirrels left, I took some photos of the pizza carnage. As of this morning, there are only 5 pieces of pizza still hanging. I have decided that squirrels eating pizza is the cutest thing ever. Stay tuned for more of the pizza tree tomorrow.

The Pizza Tree

We had way too much pizza left over from our Extra-Life Marathon. We didn’t want to eat anymore of it and it seemed silly to just throw it all away. So I got creative and made a pizza tree. Why not? The critters, or maybe some starving college students, will surely eat it. Once I was finished hanging the pizza, I set about stalking the tree with my camera. So far, I was able to get one photo of a squirrel in the tree, but I did not catch him in the act. I know that there is a critter out there benefitting because there are now 2 empty pieces of twine. Stay tuned for updates on the pizza tree and, if you happen to see a squirrel carrying a piece of pizza, you know where he has been.

Photographer Spotlight

Last week I shared photos that I took of Matilda and her friends on Halloween and mentioned that Amanda and Megan had also taken some photos. These are some of my favorite photos that these two young photographers took that day. Their younger sister Mary was the primary model for their photos. Amanda and Megan did a great job setting up some beautiful shots and really captured Mary’s spunky personality.

Halloween 2015

Yesterday, I took Matilda and some friends to the park to take photos of them in their awesome Halloween costumes. I should note that all 3 of the older girls put their costumes together at the last minute. At least 2 of them ended up being something completely different than they originally planned. We ended up with a lumberjack, a unicorn, Lucy and a fairy princess cat. I love their creativity. The girls also took some photos and I will post them soon.