Throwback Thursday

Happy Thanksgiving! This week’s Throwback Thursday is a look back at our Thanksgiving through the years. I love Thanksgiving and these are just a few of my many fond memories.

It Be Speak Like a Scurvy Pirate Day

Ahoy mateys! This day be speak Like a scurvy pirate Day. Every year I take th’ girls to Krispy Kreme to celebrate. They really heartly enjoy their free donuts. Sail ho! They didn’t wear enough items to git a free dozen, but they did each git a free donut. Blimey! This year’s Talk Like a Pirate Day was a success.

365 Day Challenge

Here are my photos from the last 8 days. I did it! Well, mostly. I took at least one photo on 364 of 365 days. I missed September 11th for whatever reason. This was a fun challenge and it did get me using my camera a lot. Now it is 2016 and time for a new challenge. Stay tuned….

Throwback Thursday

This week takes us back to New Year’s Eve 2010. As has become tradition, Matilda, Amanda and Megan spent New Year’s Eve together. This was the year that they decided to spend their last moments of the year making a giant cupcake. I have to say that starting off the New Year eating a giant cupcake is a pretty good start.