Knick Knack Retrospective 20

This week’s knick knack is not technically a knick knack and it is not in my house. It is Great Grandpa’s hat. Since Great grandpa’s passing, Great Grandma has had this hat displayed on her TV stand. Great Grandpa always had on a hat when he was out. He wore a baseball cap that was covered with pins he had collected over the years. The pins tell his story. He had a flag pin to show his patriotism. Great Grandpa loved his country and loved to show it. He made sure the flag hung from his house every day of his life and treated it with respect. Other pins give clues about a local eatery he frequented (Old Man River), his hobbies (a camper) and places he has visited (Intercourse, PA). Each pin on his hat tells something about the man who wore the hat. The hat itself is from the place he worked at for years. When I went in search of a photo of Great Grandpa wearing this hat, I did not have one of him in this exact hat, but the hat he has on is adorned with these same pins. The hat he is wearing in the photo now belongs to his great grandson. Great Grandpa was a kind and gentle man loved by everyone and I love seeing his hat when we visit Great Grandma.

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