365 Day Challenge

Here are my photos from the last few days. I went to a school board meeting (a VERY entertaining one), I stopped to see the flowers and Francie got groomed. Now to come clean- the September 11th photos was not taken on September 11th. I forgot to take a photo yesterday! There are so many things I COULD HAVE taken photos of on such a memorable date, yet I did not. Throughout my day yesterday, I remember thinking of people or events I want to photograph on at least 5 occasions (not once did that make my brain say, “hey, you haven’t taken a photo today”). I also discussed photography with my son on the way home from school. He is taking a photography class this year in school. Even then, I did not think to take a photo. Usually, I will at least remember right before bed if my day is busy and snap a photo then. Not last night. Heck, I even had surgery and was down and out for awhile, but did not miss one day of using my camera. Yet, yesterday I just forgot. This morning, as soon as I opened my eyes, I was lying in bed and realized I had not taken a photo the day before. I guess this has become the 365 day challenge minus one. Hopefully, it will be my only missed day.

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