Throwback Thursday

This week’s Throwback Thursday is from the Spring of 1980. My dear friend Trina suggested this photo as it is one of her favorites of us. Trina and I met in Kindergarten and became best friends in 3rd grade. Over the years, we have drifted apart and come together many times, but when we do get together it is like coming home. There is just something really special about a friendship that spans most of your life. We know so much about one another yet we are still discovering so much more. Now that I got all mushy and sentimental, let’s get back to the photo. We were 10 years old here and were having ice cream on the porch. I was already finished with mine. Trina had gotten ice cream on her nose and I was pointing and laughing at that. My grandpa, who was always ready with a camera (hmmm, sound like someone we know?) snapped this photo. This photo is such a great memory and really captures a great friendship.

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