Throwback Thursday

This week takes us back as far as I go to Thursday, Februaury 12, 1970. That baby in the front is meeeee! My grandpa took this picture (my very first) when he visited me at 5:30 in the morning. I get my love of photography from him. The other photo here is the bill from my birth. Somehow my brother has this in his possession and sent me a picture of it recently. By today’s standards I was a bargain, but back then it was a good chunk of money. The 1970 minimum wage was $1.60 per hour. A house could be bought for less than we pay for new cars today. Giving birth to my own kid almost 29 years later cost nearly ten times as much. Anyway, there is the proof that I was indeed born and not hatched or dropped from a flying saucer. Happy Birthday to me!

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