The UnDead Fed Food Drive

Last night we went to the UnDead Fed Food Drive at The Mall at Steamtown. The drive was run by Infect Scranton and collected food for The Keystone Rescue Mission. This event was the kickoff to a weekend of zombie themed events run by Infect Scranton. A donation of 4 cans of food got each person autographs from Brighton Sharbino (IMDB) and Michael Koske (IMDB) of ‘The Walking Dead’. Brighton played Lizzie and Michael is a featured zombie and has been 44 different walkers. The event went very smoothly. We arrived early, turned in our canned goods for bracelets and got on line. There was ‘The Walking Dead’ merchandise and Infect Scranton t-shirts for sale and make up artists on hand to zombify you. We enjoyed seeing the variety of zombies, both young and old ( stay tuned to for more coverage of Infect Scranton and zombies). When it was our turn, the actors were very nice and took the time to talk to us and take photos. It was a fun night out.

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