The Mariners

This year at Troop Adventure Camp we got to stay in the houseboats in the Mariners Unit. The girls were so excited to finally get the houseboats! In order to stay in this unit at Camp Archbald, Scouts must be Cadet level or higher. We really, really enjoyed staying here. There are 2 houseboats that sit out on Lake Ely. There were 3, but one is currently removed for repairs. The houseboats have bunk beds to sleep in, cubbies for storage and a bit of open space. There are 2 doors, one to go in from the gangway and another that opens onto the deck, which wraps around the boat. At night, these boats cooled down nicely and during the day it was so peaceful sitting out on the deck and just taking in the view. We also enjoyed sitting up in the troop house playing cards at night. All in all, it was a very pleasant stay.

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