Throwback Thursday

This week takes us back to June 2007. This was Matilda’s very first dance recital and cast party. Matilda and her friends were red roses in ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and they were adorable. As I type this, I am hearing the refrain, ‘painting the roses red, painting the roses red…’. I remember being so surprised that Matilda took to the stage so well. I had expected tears, but there were none. I made the 3 girls ‘Alice in Wonderland’ skirts for the cast party which happened to land on Matilda’s 5th birthday. When we got to the cast party the cake said ‘Congratulations Dancers’ and ‘Happy Birthday Matilda’. Before the cake was cut, everyone sang to Matilda. This gesture really touched me and made us really feel like a part of the LMSD family. This Spring is the first year since then that Matilda is not dancing with LMSD and I am a little sad that she is done dancing.

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