Throwback Thursday- Pepe the Monkey

This week I celebrate Pepe the Monkey. Monkeys are my favorite animal. I love monkeys. Imagine how thrilled I was, at age 13, when I heard the news that we were getting a monkey. I was so excited! Pepe, a capuchin ringtail, came to live with us in the Spring of 1983. Too bad she didn’t like me as much as I loved her. Pepe would violently shake her cage every time I walked past her. The first, and only time, that she was let out of the cage around me, Pepe came over and tugged on my jeans. Pepe repeated that gesture a couple of more times before she came over and bit my leg. I was devastated that I could not be around when Pepe came out to play, but I still loved having a pet monkey. That was cool.

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